New Haven, CT (WTNH) – Have your teeth shifted over the years, even though you might have had braces as a kid? Or maybe you never got around to straightening your teeth in your earlier years?

Today, there are many options available for improving your smile, and you don’t have to have a mouth full of metal braces in order to move your teeth into their proper place.  

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko spoke with Dr. Theodore Gargano, DMD of Gargano Family Dentistry about the popular Invisalign® clear aligner therapy method, and the benefits of having a dentist direct and monitor the process, compared to trying to use other clear aligners with the “do-it-yourself” approach.

Watch this interview to learn more:

Benefits of clear aligner therapy

 – Cosmetics

 – Improve functional occlusion – discuss traumatic occlusion and abfractions, TMJ,
   myofascial pain, sensitivity

 – Ability to improve home hygiene and therefore prevent gum disease

 – Shorter treatment time than traditional braces (most cases in 6 mo.)

Limitations of clear aligner therapy

 – Limitations of plastic to move teeth – mostly molars

 – Not everyone is a candidate (most are candidates – very few exceptions)

 – Treatment success relies on patient compliance (why we mostly treat adults)

 – Requires a lifestyle change for a brief period of time

The dangers of DIY clear aligners – mail order clear aligners

 – The consumer is responsible for taking their own impressions

 – Traditional impressions vs. digital scanner

 – Would you trust mail-order nose job/Botox?

 – Treatment and progress not monitored by a doctor (techs with minimal training)

Differences between clear aligner therapy and traditional orthodontic brackets and wires

 – Shorter treatment time with clear aligners

 – Not as painful

 – “Invisible” vs braces

To make an appointment with Dr. Theodore Gargano, DMD, and learn more about Invisalign® therapy, visit the Gargano Family Dentistry website at: or call them at 203-239-2356.