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ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) — If you’re planning a trip down the aisle, you’re probably also thinking about getting in shape.

“I never really struggled with my weight before,” Amanda Tuller said. “I went through a divorce and I was emotionally eating.”

Over time, Tuller’s weight crept up until she reached 223 pounds. But a second chance at love gave her the determination to lose weight.

“I was about to get married in a year,” she explained. “The biggest motivating thing was that I didn’t want to look overweight in the photos and be a constant reminder of what made me gain weight in the past.”

Tuller began working one-on-one with Brandon Cosenza, a personal trainer at The Edge Fitness Clubs.

“When people are preparing for something like a wedding or a special event in their life, it’s good to put a time stamp on something so we can kind of set a road map and prepare a plan based on a specific timeframe,” Cosenza said.

“I would say that every workout mattered and was efficient, versus just going in and doing cardio or going in and not knowing what to do, and he made it kind of fun and he would change the programing like every six to eight weeks, so I wouldn’t get bored,” Tuller explained.

The pounds soon fell off and by her big day, Tuller was 93 pounds lighter.

“On my wedding day, walking down the aisle, I felt amazing, and to see the look on my husband’s face when he saw me that day was magical,” Tuller recalled.

“Being able to look at your clients and see the success they had is super important,” Cosenza said. “I actually attended her wedding with a bunch of the other trainers in Meriden at the time, so that’s just a special event to realize where you got that person to.”

Tuller’s advice for other brides to be?

“Find someone that’s going to help you motivate you to get you where you need to be and reach your goals,” she said. “A trainers really going to help you look your best and guide you.”

Tuller has also participated in several weight loss challenges at The Edge Fitness Clubs, and she actually now works there herself. She says she got the job because she wanted help others achieve the same success she’s had. For more information, visit TheEdgeFitnessClubs.com.