Just a couple of years ago, Therese Purdue was 310 pounds and received devastating health news. But instead of letting it destroy her life, she transformed it for the better.

“When I first found out that I had a brain tumor, there was a sense of relief and anger,” Purdue recalled. 

From headaches to hormonal changes, Purdue had been suffering symptoms for two years, searching for an answer.

“They had to operate within days because the tumor had gotten so large that there was really nowhere else for it to go,” Purdue recalled. 

She went into surgery paralyzed on the right side. Her doctor thought she’d need to relearn how to walk and talk.

“When she came to see me two hours after surgery and I showed her that I wasn’t paralyzed anymore, and she said, ‘Well now you gotta just get healthy,’” Purdie recalled. “‘Promise me you’ll get healthy,’ and I said, ‘Absolutely.’” 

Purdue eventually joined The Edge Fitness Clubs.

“The first few days were excruciating,” she said. “My body was fighting back. It was terrible, like tears, and then as the weeks went on it got better and better.”

So Purdue decided to enroll in the Edge Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, an eight-week program where teams — lead by an edge trainer — compete to lose weight. 

“I really wanted her to be on my team because I just knew that she would have that energy that would be a winning spot, or even if it wasn’t first place, I just knew that it would be life changing for her,” said trainer Christie Roberts.

“The challenge helped me succeed because it gave me structure,” Purdue explained. “It gave me a network of other people trying to do the same thing.” 

Therese went on to do two challenges and continues to train with Roberts. So far she’s lost almost 100 pounds.

“Amazing, I feel absolutely amazing,” Purdue said.

“Seeing Therese keep going through the bad days and the good days has been honestly like the most rewarding thing for me as a trainer,” Roberts said.

“I want my kids to see this life, because I had weight problems almost my whole life, and I want them to see where they can go to get healthy if they need to,” Purdue said.

She can now deadlift 217 pounds, squat 115 pounds, and bench press 95 pounds. To learn more, visit TheEdgeFitnessClubs.com.