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Foods and Other Everyday Items You’re Storing Wrong

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MADISON, Conn. (WTNH) — Take a look around your home and lifestyle blogger Lauren McBride says you’re likely to find at least a few items you’re storing incorrectly.

“It’s important people store things correctly because not only are you getting the most out of the product you bought but it’s also budget friendly,” explained McBride. “If you can preserve your fruits vegetables or any kind of ingredient longer than it’s obviously money you’re saving.”

The first item most of us are storing wrong is bananas. Instead of just setting them out when you get home from the grocery store, McBride says to separate them and wrap plastic wrap around the ends.

“It helps them stay fresh longer,” McBride said.

The second item most of us are storing wrong? Avocados. They should be kept at room temperature until ripe, but then?

“Put them in a plastic bag in the fridge for three to five days and that will help them last longer,” McBride explained.

If you slice one open, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, which will prevent it from oxidizing and turning brown.

“Everyone has Seran wrap and you wouldn’t think that’s the way to fix it but it’s something you can do with something you already have,” McBride said.

Next up is flour.

“Most people store flour just by leaving it in the paper bag it comes in in the cabinet or pantry,” McBride said.

But if it’s white flour, McBride says it should be removed from the bag and put it in an air-tight container, which should then be stored in a cool, dry place.

“And if it’s a whole wheat flour or nut flour you’re actually supposed to store it in a fridge or the freezer,” she added.

If you’re a fan of natural nut butters, this next tip is for you.

“Most people will store natural peanut butter or any nut butter right side up with the oil on top, but it’s actually supposed to be stored upside down and in the refrigerator so that it stays blended and it lasts longer,” McBride explained.

The fifth item you’re storing wrong is your yoga mat. Don’t store it in the trunk of your car.

“The change in temperature actually makes the mat break down, so the best place to store your yoga mat is in a cool dry place, maybe like a hall closet and always right by your keys because then it just makes it easy to grab and go,” McBride said.

And when it comes to medication, most of us keep them in the medicine cabinet.

“But that’s actually not the place to store it,” McBride said. “It should be stored away from any moisture so maybe like a kitchen cabinet and somewhere cool and dark to make it last to its full potential.”

Last but not least is perfume. Believe it or not, if you want it to last longer, the ideal place to keep it is your refrigerator.

“It prevents it from going bad and the way to tell if it’s going bad is that the color starts to change,” McBride said.

To find out how to make berries last longer, watch the video above, and for more advice, check out McBride’s blog

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