New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) –  CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently met with Wine Expert Gary Grunner, who brought in some fun, extra-large bottles of wine, for his discussion on the season’s hottest wine picks. Gary tells our viewers that bigger is better, right now, when it comes to wines.

Gary says, “I was in D.C. last week, part of a big wine tasting, and people were coming up to me and they were asking me, you know, they were seeing some auctions going on. A lot of big bottles go on auction.” “You know what the reality is, when you have an older style wine, let’s say a much more expensive bottle of wine, wine ages better in bigger bottles.”

“But the key is, that summer’s here. Big bottles are fun. So, you do a lot of cool things with it. Let’s say right now you’re getting together with friends and family. You’re having something in the backyard. Get like four or five bottles of let’s say, rosé, some prosecco, some champagne. It goes fast.” “Big bottles are great. There are a lot of fun. People get a kick out of them. Unfortunately, some of them are really, really, heavy, but you can have some fun with them.”

Watch this interview, as Gary talks about the benefits of these super-sized bottles of wine and shares his creative suggestions as to how to make them even more memorable, especially for landmark occasions. Topics include:

  • How to find great buys on the big bottles
  • Wine Auctions – look for the big bottles
  • Personalizing the big bottle for gift-giving
  • How to make a “time-capsule” with a big bottle
  • Creating an interactive party activity
  • The big bottle at a restaurant
  • Tales of caution!

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