New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Whenever someone mentions Tuscany, Italy, the first image that comes to mind is its beautiful, rolling hills spotted with vineyards (and olive groves, as well.)

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was recently joined in the Studio Kitchen by Gary Grunner, the Wine Guy, to discuss his favorite wines from one of Italy’s most famous regions, Tuscany.

Gary starts by explaining that Italy is made up of 20 regions, or states. And each region has their own indigenous grapes, and their own indigenous food. He says, “When you think about it, Italy is literally one big vineyard.”

He continues, “In Italy, you have three noble red grapes. We have, let’s say, Nebbiolo, which is up in Piedmont, and that makes Barolo and makes Barbaresco. And then you go down to Campania, one of my favorite places, and you have a grape called Aglianico. And now we’re going to Tuscany. And now we talk about Sangiovese.”

Gary mentions that there’s a lot of non-Indigenous grapes that blended in, and are planted in Italy, like Cabernet, more French varietals. And so today in Tuscany, we have some wines that have a blend, and we have wines that are 100%.

Watch this interview and you’ll learn about the following Tuscan wines, and the region they come from:

From the Petra Winery (Maremma area):
Zingari Toscana – A fragrant red wine, voted Wine Spectator Top 100
Zingari Bianco – A fragrant blend of Chardonnay, Trebbiano, & Viognier

From the Monteverro Winery (Maremma area):
Verruzzo – A red wine blended with classic Bordeaux grapes
Vermentino – A light, fresh & fruity delicate white wine  

These wines are all available at wine shops throughout Connecticut, and you can learn more about fine wines by visiting Gary’s website:  or his
Instagram: @garygthewineguy