New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – If you’re looking for a wine that’s just as exciting to open as it is to drink, we have got you covered. Gary Grunner The Wine Guy, met up with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko to introduce our viewers to a very special collection.

Gary admits that he will sometimes buy a wine, just based on its beautiful label, but, he says, “This has to be the most exciting, coolest package I’ve ever come across at so many different levels.  It’s called “The Debate,” and the unique thing about it is it comes in this really cool box.”

Next, is the unusual wrapping, which Gary compares to opening gifts on Christmas morning. The wine inside is wrapped up in paper that reads like a newspaper. Lots of fine print.

He says, “So take a look at this package. If you look here, it has everything that’s going on in the current events. So The Debate, which means if you look through here, there’s all the topics, each vintage that comes out puts on all the new topics. So it gives you an opportunity to talk about having a discussion or having a debate.”

Each package comes with three bottles of Cabernet from three different Vineyards, and each is wrapped with a paper sheet filled with special events relevant to the vintage.

This particular package  of The Debate includes three perspectives of Napa Valley Cabernet Francs from three outstanding vineyards in Napa Valley: Sleeping Lady, Beckstoffer To Kalon, and Stagecoach

So open up the package along with some friends,  pick out your favorite, and prepare to have a discussion about the special events featured on the wrapping. Just make sure to bring your glasses!

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