New Haven, Conn. (WTNH)- If you’re looking to refine your wine palate but don’t know where to start, our guest today can help. Wine Expert Gary Grunner joined  CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko in the studio to talk about his latest project, which offers an exciting new way for all of us to learn a little bit more about wines and spirits.

Gary says, “We created a new website and it’s called The List. And the reason why it’s called The List, is because it’s a monthly list of wine recommendations… and I’ll give you an opportunity to find some great selections.”

There will be about a dozen or two different wines featured, and then you will also be able to download or sign up for the weekly list, which you can then take to your local wine store or your restaurant.

Gary is also going to have his weekly “Wine Picks” on Instagram. He says, “It’s going to be a short, little video and I’ll just pick one wine. It’s 30 seconds and that’s out every single week.” “And then we have something really cool coming up. It’s called 1-5-1. It’s one wine, 5 minutes, and it’s either a winemaker or a distiller. And we just spend a few minutes talking about what they’re making, where you can find it, and what’s so special about it, whether it’s a wine or spirit.”

Gary says that his goal is just to recommend wines that he likes, wines that he drinks, and people that he knows. He says, “I’m not there to rate wines. I’m not there to critique wines. It’s just recommending what I like. It’s not the good, bad and ugly. My job is not to criticize anyone. That’s not what we’re all about. My job is to recommend something wonderful and delicious.”

Watch this interview and learn more about Gary Grunner and his broad experience with
wines & spirits, and then check out The List on Gary’s new website at: Visit Gary on Instagram: @garygrunner.

If you would like to receive Gary’s list via email, just send him an email stating, “Gary G can you please add me to your email list to receive The List of your wine & spirit suggestions every month” (send to  Add in the state and town where you currently live, and he will try to include some names of fine wineshops that currently sell some of these wines, plus a restaurant or two that feature them by the glass or on their wine list.