New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko met up with Gary Grunner – The Wine Guy, to talk all about vermouth and how it can spice up your next gathering. Many people, including Natasha, admit to thinking of vermouth as a spirit, and she was surprised to find out from Gary that it’s actually a kind of wine.

Gary says that, “The ten top cocktails that are produced today, have vermouth roots in it. And then the Negroni, which is the number two cocktail in the world, also has vermouth in it.”

Gary mentioned that he is often asked, when he orders a Negroni, what type of gin he prefers in it. He says that it’s a “given” that there will be Compari in the drink, but he is never asked what kind of vermouth he would like.

He recently shocked a bartender by asking what kind of vermouth they had, and Gary feels that this is key to making a fantastic Negroni. Gary says, “It’s a cocktail craze around the world, whether it’s Italy, whether it’s Spain, whether you’re going out in London, you know, and you’re going around, all the mixologists are making some really great drinks with it.”

Watch this segment and you’ll learn about the different types of vermouth, where they’re from and a bit about their flavor profile.  He talks about the official launch of 9diDante – Purgatorio (extra dry) and 9diDante – Inferno (sweet). Gary also shares several different ways to drink vermouth, and what brands to ask for when you’re out, and ordering the second most favorite cocktail in the world, the Negroni.

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