New Haven, Conn. (WTNH)  – Gateway Community College (GCC) is the proud sponsor of the “Light the Holidays” tree lighting event coming up on December 1st on the green in New Haven, covered exclusively by WTNH News Channel 8.

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Gateway Community College Chief Executive Officer Dr. William “Terry” Brown, who came to discuss this partnership and all that the college has to offer.

Dr. Brown says, “Gateway Community College is in the community and the community is us. And so, to have this opportunity to celebrate with New Haven and the region at this time of year is just something that we’re very thrilled to do.”

“The history of the college actually stretches back further with South Central and Greater New Haven State Technical College. But Gateway Community College came out of the merger in 1992. And so we are celebrating 30 years as Gateway Community College.”

Gateway is the largest community college in Connecticut, and it offers a wide array of programs. As a comprehensive community college, it allows students to enter both transfer programs to Connecticut State Universities and beyond, as well as a variety of career and technical programs as well.  People who are interested in going right into the workforce are able to come to GCC, get the training they need, and then go on.

Students, Faculty and Staff from Gateway Community College are often out in the community in service. Dr. Brown proudly notes, “Just one example that really impressed me when I came in, we were in the middle of the pandemic and our nursing students were at the hospitals and through their clinical work were augmenting what was going on there. The college sent some of our medical equipment to local area hospitals to help with their efforts in terms of managing and treating people during the pandemic.”

Watch this interview and learn the following:

  • What type of student would make a great fit for GCC?
  • Are the programs only geared toward younger students?
  • Is Gateway Community College affordable?
  • Are scholarships available to GCC?
  • Is it too late to register for Spring Classes?

Dr. Brown reminds us that, “We welcome all who want to come.”
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