(WTNH) – Dr. Jennifer Stagg is the owner of Whole Health Associates in Avon, an integrative medical practice that specializes in precision medicine. They offer a new test that utilizes genetic technology to guide physicians in helping make personalized lifestyle plans for patients (diet, exercise and metabolic health risks).

You can now discover more than you ever thought possible about your health and what makes you unique by providing a simple saliva sample. This test provides you with details about 75 of your genes that impact your wellness with respect to nutrition, exercise and even metabolic risks like cholesterol and diabetes.

After the sample is sent to the lab, doctors can provide patients with what is referred to as their matching diet — a customized diet to promote wellness, specifically designed to lower the risk of health issues patients are most prone to based on genetics.

If you would like to find out more information about the test or to make an appointment with one of the doctors at Whole Health Associates, you can call or visit their website at www.wholehealthllc.com

You can also follow Dr. Stagg’s blog and learn more about precision medicine and this test at drjenstagg.com