With the weather warming up, you might not want to be spending hours at the gym, which is why the Edge Strong classes at The Edge Fitness Clubs are designed to maximize your time while providing a full body workout.

From box jumps, to mountain climbers, to ball slams, Edge Strong will have your heart pumping in no time.

Edge Strong has four different formats: Exclusive, Burn, Foundation and Strength. The morning I visited the gym’s Stratford, Conn. location, one of the more intense classes was taking place.
“Today was a ‘Burn’ class,” explained Edge Fitness Personal Trainer and Instructor Joe Landini. “We did it in Tabata style, so it was 20 seconds on, and then 10 seconds of rotating or resting.”

The class involved eight stations with eight different moves.

“For me as the instructor, I just love seeing everyone work their hardest,” Landini said.

Heart rate monitors keep the exercisers in check.

“If they’re in a certain zone, and if it’s too high, we’re telling them to dial it back,” Landini explained. “We’re always trying to give them the most intense but at the same time stay safe.”

Whether you’re new to Edge Fitness or an experienced athlete, each move can be tailored to your fitness level

“Every exercise we demonstrate, we also have a modification for them, just in case they have an injury, just in case they don’t want the high intensity,” Landini said.

“It’s not just me focusing on one body part for the day, it’s them hitting every single part; things I wouldn’t normally do during a normal workout by myself,” said Edge Fitness Member Majeed Mohammed.

For him, signing up for Edge Strong has been life changing.

“I started the Edge Strong classes February 26 and since then I’ve lost about 45 pounds,” he explained.

So if you’re looking for extra encouragement to finally reach your fitness goals, Edge Strong could be your answer.

“You have people pushing you and helping you to get where you want to be,” Mohammed said. “I would definitely recommend it.”

To learn more, visit TheEdgeFitnessClubs.com.