At her heaviest, Kim Massey was 430 pounds. But her weight was holding her back from her job as a paramedic. So she decided to make a drastic change in her life and is now stronger than ever.

“I climbed three flights of stairs,” Massey recalled of one instance at work. “I was very out of breath and the patient turned to me and said, ‘Do you want me to carry your bag since you can’t breathe?’”

Massey knew it was time to take action so five years ago she started on a journey to transform her body and health.

“There’s a new phrase I’ve been hearing …  ‘Stronger is the new skinny,’ so that’s how I feel now with me,” Massey said.

She dropped 180 pounds and a year ago joined The Edge Fitness Clubs to further her fitness with the help of a personal trainer.

“I needed somebody to help spot me because I lift heavy … and plus I need the encouragement now and then,” Massey said.

Edge Fitness Trainer Jerame Swanson has helped Massey incorporate new exercises into her routine, keeping her workouts interesting.

“What I’ve seen in Kim as far as growth goes is confidence,” Swanson said. “When she first came here she was a very skilled athlete for sure, but just didn’t really believe in herself, and what I see now is someone who is ready to try anything, someone who is very strong — very very strong — and honestly just willing to work hard no matter what.”

In the past year, Massey has achieved her goal of getting stronger and can even leg press Swanson plus more.

“It came out to I think around 1200 pounds,” Massey said of the weight she leg pressed.
To those who aren’t familiar navigating their way around a gym, Massey and Swanson say you’ll never feel out of place at The Edge Fitness Clubs.

“Pretty much everybody knows you and you know everybody and everybody treats each other like family,” Massey said.

“Everyone’s just kind of in it together,” Swanson added.

Massey says she doesn’t focus on the number on the scale anymore. For her, it’s all about being strong and feeling healthy.  To learn more, visit