DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – When she set out, Megan Osimanti had no idea how much others would inspire her in her fitness and weight loss journey.  She joined The Edge Fitness Clubs  looking to get healthier with a routine of going to the gym regularly.  When she looked around and saw what others were achieving Megan was amazed. She decided to enroll in The Edge Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, an eight-week competition between teams.  The goal, to lose the most weight. 

Her trainer and team captain was Geams Gill. “My job as a team captain in the challenges is really to orchestrate a structured program for each of the competitors” says Gill. 

That structure utilized dot fit supplements and their virtual platform that creates online workout programs and strategies all aimed at nutrition and health.  

It all factored in to Megan’s successful results.  

She reflects back “I did feel like the challenge impacted me in that I began working with Geams and really getting some extra support that I had never realized maybe that I needed to be successful. I was able to lose 23 pounds in eight weeks and not lose any muscle mass in fact gained it so I was very excited and I felt quite accomplished.”