New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) –  If you’re a fan of hard seltzer, you might want to check this brand out. Their focus is on clean ingredients, standout flavors, and on giving back to our furry friends.

From the Good Dogg Beverage Company, Founder & CEO Tony Venturoso and Lauren Bertrand, Director of Brand Activation came to the studio to speak with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko, about service dogs, the important work that they do, and how this company got started.

Tony comes from a background in the beverage industry, focused on flavor development and had a passion for clean ingredients and innovative beverage development. So he began the process of creating a hard seltzer that was different from most on the market.

While undergoing treatment for leukemia, Tony would often see service dogs at work in the hospital, and he was inspired by the impact they left in the room with each patient interaction. He became good friends with the woman who managed the service dogs, and learned that there was a shortage of service dogs to help people. When he later started a hard seltzer company, Tony was inspired to develop a purpose for the business, and he created a philanthropic branch that would become its mission.

Tony says, “ ‘Leverage the Beverages’ is the mission. The mission of our purpose. And what we do is, for every case that’s sold, a portion of our proceeds go back to providing scholarships, for various families that are fundraising. It cost anywhere from 30 upwards to 50, $60,000 for a service animal to be trained and placed in a specific family. So, we were able to work with various local organizations in the northeast here, and provide funding back to these families directly, to allow them to bring the animal into their household.”

The Good Dogg Beverage Company also has an entire merchandise line, available online, which is separate from the seltzer, and 100% of the profits from those sales go toward those same fundraising efforts.

When asked what’s unique about Good Dogg Beverage Company’s hard seltzer, Tony says,  “Well, first and foremost, we have zero sugar, zero carbs, 90 calories, very unique flavors. We have a cucumber lime. You don’t see a lot of cucumber lime. It’s very, very refreshing. Dragonfruit, which you very rarely see a dragon fruit. And also we have black cherry, as well and orange mango. I tried to develop flavors that were different from any that were on the market, and we succeeded in doing that.”

So, where can you find Good Dogg Beverage Company hard seltzer? Lauren says,
Total Wines & Liquor around the area are all carrying Good Dogg, right now. We’re also working with our local distributor to spread out the distribution as well. So if you have a favorite shop to go in and pick up a case of hard seltzer, definitely let them know about Good Dogg. You heard about us here, so we hope you can track it down in your local neighborhood.”

Watch this interview to learn more about the need for service dogs and the people who need them, as well as how you can help. 

Good Dogg Beverage Company is a sponsor of the Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day parade, and they participate in many events locally and at Mohegan Sun. They also work with the
Make-A-Wish Foundation up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, supporting wishes specifically related to dogs.

To learn more, visit the Good Dogg website at and support their LEVERAGE THE BEVERAGE™ fundraising program by purchasing merchandise at