New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s the season of celebration, and many of us want skin that sparkles for those special gatherings and photos. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko spoke with Beauty Expert Grace Gold, who shared her tips to get your glow on this holiday season.

1. We all know that glowing skin starts with hydration, and Grace shares a deal on moisturizer. Well, you know, the harsh winter weather, it really can dry us out, make us look dull. So moisturizer is a perfect gift and also has a great sale going on you can take advantage of. You get $20 off when you buy both the Olay Hyaluronic Plus Peptide 24 Serum and Moisturizer twin packs now through December 24th at Sam’s Club and Sam’
Serum –  
Moisturizer –  

2.         How do you suggest we keep our pores clear? Many us are wearing a lot more makeup during the holidays and we want to help those pores look good and glowing. So for that deep clean, we recommend Humphreys clarifying cleansing pads, this really clarifys skin. It refines pores for a clean, calm, conditioned appearance. This is dermatologist tested, vegan and cruelty free. It’s fragrance free, convenient, and so easy to use. I love that the pads are biodegradable and I love that Humphreys is a Connecticut-based brand. It’s only $8 at Walmart.

Humphreys Clarifying Cleansing Pads, $8.98,

3.       Tell us about this latest trend: Custom Skin Cocktailing? It’s very popular right now. You’re taking facial oil and mixing it with your moisturizer to boost the benefits and also, it gives you that little extra something – that glow – this time of year. This is great to do with the EcoFabulous Mini Face Oil Travel Set. It’s got seven mini face oils to really tailor your skin care routine. It’s got plant-based squalene, and each fast-absorbing oil really has a different ingredient boost. So, you can customize your skin concerns.

EcoFabulous Mini Face Oil Travel Set, $45,

4.       Now, let’s talk body. You say a scrub is great for glowing skin? Definitely. If you want to glow, you have to exfoliate off the dead stuff. Maybe you’re showing a little shoulder, or a little leg, in your cute holiday outfits. This is a fun prep. It is Dr Teal’s Shea Sugar Body Scrubs. Now, this gently exfoliates for just the smoothest, softest skin. It has essential oils. The scent smells amazing. You can choose from rose citrus, shea butter and almond oil. I loved the lavender with melatonin for my evening baths before I go to bed. And this is a great buy. It’s only $6 at Walmart.

Dr Teal’s Shea Sugar Body Scrubs, $6.98 each,

5.       Finally, we can’t forget the finishing touch of color. What’s new in makeup for the holidays? Gorgeous and glowing in makeup is the Whitney Houston and Mac Cosmetics Limited edition collection. Now, whether you want those sparkly, glowing looks for your holiday parties or that vibrant lip, Whitney was really known for her dewy, glowing skin. And those lip looks she pulled off. You can find it all in the collection. It’s really a great holiday gift for the makeup lover in your life.

MAC Cosmetics x Whitney Houston, at MAC & Macy’s, online and in-store

If you want to keep up with Grace Gold and all of her very latest gift ideas, be sure to visit her on Instagram @msgracegold.