WAERFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Each year, millions of Americans experience heart failure, after which the road to recovery is rarely easy. At Ryder’s Health, a specialized program aims to get patients back to full strength and back home with their loved ones.

“We have a dedicated nurse to these patients who focuses on their lab work, their vitals, it’s basically like having a personal nurse,” explains Manager of Transitional Care Francis Lijadu. “We also have a cardiologist that rounds weekly here. we reach out to hospital partners and community cardiologists so everyone’s up-to-date on the care of the patient.”

This continuation of care is vital to long-term recovery, according to Transitional Care Nurse Melissa Parker.

“You’re there to be a support for them, we do have that extra layer of of guidance,” she says. “But also with that, education and to make sure that they’re properly taking their medications and they’re having their follow ups with their physicians, we’re helping to decrease re-admissions to the hospital.”

The program also has IV capabilities that help patients leave the hospital sooner in the first place.

“In addition to the IV inotrope capabilities that we have, we are able to do IV hydration, we’re able to do IV antibiotics, but we’re also able to do IV diuretics,” Parker explains.

Lijadu adds:

“The goal and the focus of our Heart Failure Program is to discharge these patients at their greatest, full strength and their best potential”