Here to talk about how Griffin has a handle on your bone health, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Philip Minotti of The Center for Joint Health at Griffin Hospital.

The injuries Dr. Minotti sees on a regular are mostly wear and tear, sports injuries, and arthritis. Treatment ranges from taking an anti-inflammatory, getting injections, physical therapy, and sometimes a simple activity modification.

Injuries are mostly related to age, arthritis wearing joints out. “The calendar doesn’t stop for anyone, your joints will continue to age.” Sometimes your body may betray you and it is Griffin Hospital’s job to give their patients the opportunity to live an active healthy life again. 

Statistics show that knee replacements are close to one million per year. Joint and knee replacements can relieve pain and help you move better and even feel better. A replacement joint can make a huge difference in your ability to work or in an activity that you may really enjoy. 

Dr. Philip Minotti takes a direct anterior approach when it comes to joint replacement. “The idea is, you can put the parts in with less trauma to the body, less pain and quicker return to function.” 

Let Griffin Hospital help get you back on your feet: