New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Cancer screenings prevent thousands of deaths every year because doctors say, the earlier you detect cancer, the better you can treat it. Hartford Hospital’s Black and Red Gala is coming up, and this year it will use the event to encourage these screenings. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke about the details with Dr. Andy Salner, Medical Director of the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at Hartford Hospital.

This year, The Cancer Institute at Hartford Hospital and its Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center were selected to be the beneficiary of the Black and Red Gala, which will be at the Bushnell this Saturday, April 22nd at 6pm.

Dr. Salner says, “We’ve got tremendous support from the corporate community and the community at large for this event because The Cancer Center has touched so many people.   40% of us will get cancer during our lifetime.”

He adds, “So, so many people in our community have been touched by cancer and have been cared for by the cancer center. We anticipate about $2 million in revenues from this wonderful event to support our programs and facilities at the cancer center.”

The Gala will feature a campaign encouraging regular cancer screenings and making sure that people get checked.

Watch this interview, and learn more about the importance of cancer screenings, as Dr. Salner answers the following questions:      

  • What are the six different types of screenings you are recommending?
  • How effective are screenings at detecting cancers early?
  • What are the guidelines of when people should be getting them?
  • Why is early detection so important?
  • Are people still reluctant to get screened for cancer?

There’s so much to be aware of regarding cancer and preventative screenings, and that’s why the Black & Red Gala is bringing attention to it. Learn more about scheduling your screening at:

You’ll find ticket information about the Black & Red Gala at: