NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — If you are a busy parent looking for a healthy lifestyle & wellness solutions IT Sprays might be a solution for you!

Founder Kimberly Stiele created three sublingual (under the tongue) solutions for immune support, sustained energy & anxiety support plus healthy sleep.

There are three different solutions BOOSTit for immune support which includes a blend of vitamins, herbs, gut support. Spray under tongue 7 times & go! CHARGEit for sustained natural energy is a blend of 13 ingredients that support sustained energy + B Vitamins for total health & gingko for mental focus. DREAMit aids in shutting down a racing mind + anxiety support while helping with a restful night sleep.

Promo: CT50 (enter CT for Connecticut Style and the number 50 for half off in the promo code, and you will get half off your order.)

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