(WTNH) – The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg, discovered his incredible gift in the third grade. He was able to calculate numbers and dates with calculator accuracy and calculator speed.

By the time he was in the fifth grade, Scott was teaching his teachers more effective ways of teaching math. He says the flashcards and memorization techniques don’t teach students logic.

Watch the video as he shows a few of his tips.

More information:

While Scott is in the Tri-State area, he will be visiting schools to help students overcome the fear of math. He has partnered with Tabtor, a math tutoring app, and will be hosting a series of contests and performing at schools in search of what they call the Tabtor Math Idol.

Tabtor is a flagship educational technology platform from PrazAs Learning, Inc., and is designed to completely transform the way the world looks at learning. The platform provides teachers and students with a highly personalized learning experience, which focuses on the point of learning for each student. Currently available on iPads and recently launched on Android tablets, Tabtor is an innovative digital offering that combines best of personalized teaching with a fun and engaging learning program that supports multiple subjects. It is tailored to every student using a combination of patent-pending digital-paper technology that allows sharing and review of handwritten work, automatic grading, video tutorials, and adaptive analytics.


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