Today’s Living Local Deal is to Box 63! You get $50 for just $25, while supplies last.

Box 63 is part of the New Haven Brunch Series!

Joining us is Chef and Owner Carl Carbone to tell us what we can expect at brunch.

Brunch at Box 63 is on Saturday and Sunday. They were the first to serve a bottomless brunch and serving comfort foods with culinary creativity.

Box 63’s Chef Carbone cooks House Cured Salmon.


1 ea    Salmon Filet (remove belly) 

2 cup  Kosher Salt  

½ cup Chili Powder

½ cup Chipotle Powder 


  1. Cut the belly fat from the salmon filet and place skin side down onto a baker’s screen.  Put the screen and salmon onto a sheet pan.  Carefully pout the salt on to the flesh of the salmon.  Make sure to pour the salt down the center and fattier part of the flesh and allow the salt to spill off the fish onto the thinner part of the flesh.  You want the salt to be piled up on the thick parts of the filet. Place in the cooler on the top of the speed rack un-covered to allow the cold air of the cooler to circulate around the fish.  Cure in cooler 24 hrs. 
  2. Wash filet to remove all salt and wrap in paper towels and pat dry. 

                          ½ cup Chili Powder & ½ cup Chipotle Powder 

  1. Place the “dry” filet, skin side down, back onto the baker’s screen and place the screen on a clean sheet pan.  Generously Dust the filet with the Chipotle powder making sure that the fish is evenly coated.
  2. Place salmon in deep pan and cover to create an air tight seal.  Pull back on corner of the lid and insert a smoking gun.  Fill chamber with smoke, remove hose and seal.  Put back in refrigerator 24 hours to allow salmon to smoke.


Box 63 rolls out their Food Truck this month.  A Baker, Butcher, Brewer & Chef get together and buy a food truck, our truck will serve 4 Star new American hotdogs.  Each applying their individual talents and creating the freshest, healthiest and most creative efforts towards recreating an age-old American favorite.

Look for the Box 63 Haute Dog truck at your favorite Brewery!