Today’s Living Local Deal is to The Tarry Lodge!

You get $50 to Tarry Lodge for just $25, while supplies last.

They are part of the New Haven Summer Brunch Series!

Brunch at Tarry Lodge is on Saturday and Sunday, you receive a three-course lunch and dinner; and every day of the week The Tarry Lodge offers a pre-fixed menu.

Joining us in the kitchen today is Chef De Cuisine, Samantha Moore from Tarry Lodge to cook Pasta Carbonara.


Red Onions



Egg Yolk Mix (2 yolks, 1 whole egg)

Tagliatelle Pasta


Pasta Water


Chiffonade Parsley

Directions: Heat butter in pan until it melts.  Add red onions and rendered pancetta, cook until the onions are translucent.  Add garlic for flavor and aroma, tossing to incorporate.  Cook your pasta al dente, then add it to the saute pan, along with a small amount of the pasta water they use to cook the pasta.  Add egg mix to the pasta mixture along with some grana, tossing to incorporate until the pasta mixture thickens and becomes a slight mass.  Their Carbonara is garnished with fresh cracked pepper and grana cheese.