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In the Kitchen

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — We’re one week into the New Year, and studies show that less than 25% of people will stay committed to their resolutions after 30 days…And, chances are, if you made a resolution, it involves a new diet or losing weight.

Registered Dietitian, Toby Amidor, with RDTV, is joining us, to “weigh in” on this year’s top diet trends.

This is the time of year, Toby always get asked by clients and friends, “What do you think about Keto?  Or Paleo? Or a Vegan Diet?” She totally gets why people feel tempted to try trendy diets –they all seem so great when you see people sharing about them on Instagram. But the thing Toby always shares is to make sure you understand the health impact first.  The reason so many diets fail – especially within the first 30 days – is that they’re too restrictive!

A lot of people talking about diets that eliminate entire food groups. What do you think of those?

Not only are those types of diets tough to stick to, eliminating entire food groups can leave you missing out on nutrients you need! A much more reasonable – and enjoyable – approach is to instead focus on consuming more real, wholesome foods– like fresh fruit, vegetables and real dairy. While doing something like going dairy-free might seem like a good idea when you see other people doing it, Toby always sticks to science, and decades of research support real milk’s role in the diet. It’s naturally nutrient rich and offers a unique natural package that is difficult to match in any other single food or beverage.  

As a Registered Dietitian, Toby Amidor never advises my clients to skip meals. If you really want to try intermittent fasting, consider not eating past a certain time in the evening so you can “fast” throughout the night, and make sure to eat a nourishing breakfast in the morning that includes a balance of high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats.

How can people set on trying a different diet in the New Year make them work better? 

If you’re thinking about a vegetarian diet, for example, the biggest thing to be mindful of is to make sure you pack in the right nutrients, particularly protein, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. “One great addition to any vegetarian diet that I always recommend is to complete your meal with a glass of real dairy milk – it’s the top source of calcium and vitamin D in our diet, is a great source of vitamin B12- and has as much as 8 times more protein than many non-dairy alternative milks like almond, coconut and rice milk.” Says Toby Amidor

And for people who are trying to cut calories?

Being calorie conscious doesn’t mean you have to forego your favorite foods. For example, you can swap full fat milk for lower fat options in coffee and many recipes or try incorporating more naturally sweet foods, like fresh berries, to curb your sweet tooth.

The bottom line here is, “Eat a balanced diet!”

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