NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — When it comes to snacking for wellness, better choices can be both hassle free and delicious!  

Registered dietitian Toby Amidor, with RDTV, is here with proof!

Product Sponsor of this segment: Danone North America’s NEW thick and creamy Light and Fit Icelandic Style “SKYR” yogurt.

Kicking off your morning with protein is important, Amidor loves to pair Dannon’s NEW thick and creamy Light and Fit Icelandic Style “SKYR” yogurt with fruit and chia for a delicious breakfast parfait. You can build them in mason jars and put them in the fridge overnight, so breakfast is ready to go when you wake up!

As a Registered Dietitian, Amidor loves that each container has 15 to 16 grams of protein and 90 calories per serving.  These are so convenient– so pack them in a gym bag or in your lunch to take to the office. Just make sure you bring a spoon!  You get that sweet and tart taste with such a luscious texture! You can find all four of these unique flavors — Plain, Vanilla Chai, Blueberry Acai and Peach Passion Fruit.

One of Toby Amidor‘s go-to’s is RW Garcia’s Big Bag Tortilla chips. As a Registered Dietitian, Toby loves that this is the first snack company to become Non-GMO Project Verified! They have delicious gluten-free tortilla chips that are packable and snackable- they have 16-ounce resealable Big Bags that are perfect for family meal time and any get-together. RW Garcia’s Big Bag tortilla chips are available in Yellow Corn and Blue Corn – great for snacking, whether you are pairing with guacamole, salsa or a favorite dip, like my Spinach Feta & Dill Hummus.

For more recipe inspiration, check out RW Garcia’s Instagram for creative ways to incorporate their products into your meal plans.  And find them at your local stop and shop or click here to find the store nearest you!

The secret ingredient to this Hummus is Lee Kum Kee Pure Sesame Oil.  It is a pantry staple in our house! This is a versatile cooking oil made from the finest roasted sesame seeds– it adds a rich, nutty flavor which really elevates any dish you’re serving. Lee Kum Kee has a number of products you can find in the Asian aisle of the grocery store, like ShopRite.

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