NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — 2023 is right around the corner and with a new year, comes resolutions. Instead of trying to give up something, Albertus Magnus College wants you to invest in something…yourself!  

“When you set that goal to achieve your master’s degree or finish your undergraduate degree, that’s an investment that you’re making in yourself and in your family that you’re trying to take care of,” says Andrea Kovacs, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Marketing at Albertus.

Degree programs here include Masters of Arts in Art Therapy & Counseling, Masters in Leadership, an MBA program, just to name a few.  

All programs teach students skills that employers today are looking for.  

“They’re looking for graduates, for alumni, who actually can think critically, who can communicate, who can develop relationships,” explains Dr. Howard Fero, Director of Graduate Leadership Programs at Albertus. “What we do here at Albertus is we help our students to develop the skills to be stronger contributors. We want them to think critically, we want them to develop ethical and moral reasoning.”

You can learn more about starting your higher education journey and view all degree programs at