New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – We are wrapping up the most festive time of year, and now it’s time to plan our New Year’s Day celebrations. Food lover and Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist Jamie Lee McIntyre shared some of her favorite flavorful recipes with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko.

First, Jamie Lee suggests something tasty with a “wow” factor – sure to be a hit on New Year’s Day. It’s called the “South’s Best Bloody Mary”, and it features Dixie Black Pepper Vodka, and it’s garnished with Smithfield’s Premium Hometown Original Thick Cut Bacon for a better, bolder experience, than just your classic Bloody Mary. January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day, and Smithfield’s Premium Hometown Original Thick Cut Bacon offers that authentic naturally hickory smoked flavor and enhances any holiday meal, making it a bacon lover’s dream and the perfect addition to your Bloody Mary.

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Jamie Lee says, “This “South’s Best Bloody Mary” is made with two ounces of the Dixie Black Pepper Vodka , which I’m going to Charleston here. And then you add in your six-ounce Bloody Mary mix, your lemon juice, and you combine that all over some ice with, of course, your garnish of celery stock, some olives and that Smithfield again.  So it’s super easy to put together.”

And what about something tasty for ALL of your guests to enjoy? Here’s another idea from Jamie Lee:

She says, “I’ve got little ones at home. They’ll be celebrating, too. So New Year’s Day is a day to relax, take a break from all the holiday cooking and slaving over the stove, so it’s time to make a healthy cheeseboard that people can enjoy, with some satiating protein like Cabot Cheeses. Now, since I’m married to a Vermonter, Cabot is an absolute favorite in our house.”

She adds, “Vermont cheeses are truly among the best in the world, and the state’s cheese making has recognition on a global scale. So when you serve Cabot Cheddars on your cheeseboard, everyone can enjoy them and they’re naturally lactose-free and gluten-free. Plus, they’re a great source of protein for any diet. They’re minimally processed using high quality protein and calcium rich milk from more than 600 family farms that own the company.”

And it’s this attention to quality that has won Cabot every major award for taste. And one of the keys to creating a healthier charcuterie board is really focusing on foods that are both nutrient-dense and easy to prepare. So, the Cabot Award-Winning Cheddars are the perfect example of this. They’re simple to slice or cube, and they’re just so easy to add to any cheese or snack board.

Jamie Lee suggests that you round out your charcuterie board with some healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. She uses blueberries, strawberries, grapes and fresh oranges and clementines to compliment that protein from the cheeses and some good heart-healthy pistachios as well.

She wishes all of our viewers a Happy New Year!