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DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) When it comes to your overall health it is important not to overlook your digestive health. From heartburn to preventing colon cancer, there are specialists in the ProHealth Physicians group to provide top care through a strong doctor-patient relationship.

The colonoscopy is still considered to be the gold standard for detecting colon cancer or other issues according to ProHealth Physicians gastroenterologist Dr. Joshua Hartman. “Colon cancer starts as small polyps or small growth in the colon, and over time some of those polyps can turn into colon cancer. During a colonoscopy we’re able to remove those polyps and prevent them from turning into cancer,” says Hartman. He says people with a family history of colon cancer should start colonoscopy screenings at age 40. That age could be even younger based on the age of the family member when they were diagnosed. Others should start at 50.

Doctor Ashish Malhotra is also a gastroenterologist at ProHealth Physicians Danbury location. Establishing and maintaining that relationship is what he enjoys most about practicing medicine.

“Multiple research studies have shown time and again that adequate patient and physician relationship is an important component of patient care,” says Malhotra who calls the relationship a powerful tool to help a patient. He learns all that he can about a patient’s lifestyles, ideologies and shows empathy while having effective communication with his patients. 

Part of that relationship is educating patients about how diet and lifestyle play a role in their gut health. Diet is a big factor in some conditions.

“Fatty and greasy foods can not only increase acid production, but can also retard GI motility or in other words slow the gastric process” says Malhotra. He adds “The good stays longer in the stomach, causes more heartburn, sometimes bloating, sometimes pain, sometimes nausea and even vomiting,” Malhotra adds. He says fiber is an important nutrient, building good bacteria in the gut.

Certain foods can also play a role in causing heartburn. Doctor Hartman gives some examples “Acidic foods like tomato sauce, citrus, spicy foods, caffeine and chocolate.” Both doctors recommend that people seek out a specialist who can work closely with them to provide the proper care.

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