New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – If you’re a fan of fried food, you’re going to love what’s being cooked up today at CT Style. Leticia Jarrett is the CEO/Owner of Lakay Cuisine, a food delivery service bringing Caribbean flavors to Connecticut. She joins CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko in the studio kitchen where she’ll be making the food of the day, “Fritay” or fried food.

Letitia’s business was launched back in May of 2020, inspired by her Jamaican background, combined with Haitian influences from her family. This local entrepreneur knew she had to share the unique flavors of Caribbean cuisine with New England residents.

Today is Friday, and Leticia offers her customers “Fritay Fridays” which includes fried snapper fish (or any other kind of fish) or fried shrimp, or fried chicken, with plantains and salad.

The main seasoning for her marinade is called ibis, and it’s made up of vegetables, such as garlic, peppers, onions and scallions with other seasonings, and it’s ground up into a delicious paste. This is a common seasoning for many Caribbean foods, both Jamaican and Haitian.

Watch this interview as Letitia cooks up a delicious-looking meal, then check out the menu on
her Facebook page: @LaKayCuisine2020.

Lakay Cuisine delivers Caribbean food from Manchester throughout Connecticut, and all the way up to Springfield Massachusetts. She also sells her ibis seasoning paste in 8oz and 1 pint packages.

Lakay Cuisine has several special events coming up:

Eat. Relax. Network. Engaging With Others – Saturday, April 22,  3-7 pm
An evening of yoga, kompa lessons, food, sangrias and so much more. Enjoy an inspiring, uplifiting, speech from motivational speaker and entrepreneur Ayanna C. Crawford M. ED.

Flowers for Mom Pop Up Event – Saturday, May 6,  3-7 pm
Summerfest Pop Up Event – Saturday, July 29, 3-7 pm
All events take place at Emma’s Place, 1464 Parker St. Springfield, MA. More info. on social media.

Leticia has also recently started a hair braiding business, featuring Box Braids, Crotchet Feed-Ins, Knotless 2 strand twists, and Spring Twists. More details are on her social media pages.

To learn more about Lakay Cuisine, Lakay Events, or to place a food order for delivery, visit Letitia’s Facebook: @LaKayCuisine2020 or her Instagram: @officiallakaycuisine
You can also call (860) 470-6217.