A fitness coach and influencer from Dallas who has hundreds of thousands of followers — is under fire after some of her online clients say they were scammed.

Melina Brusnon found hope and inspiration in social media influencer Brittany Dawn Fitness.

“I was looking for some sort of training, some sort of fitness program,” Brunson said. “Eventually I followed her, so I went ahead and purchased one of her programs.”

Brittany Dawn has some 550,000 followers on Instagram another 290,000 on YouTube.

“I have such a heart for what I do and for being in this industry,” Dawn said. “Being a fitness influencer is my fulltime job.”

Many of those followers are women who have turned to Brittany Dawn to get their dream bodies. Brunson paid $250 for a 60-day plan of workouts, a personalized nutrition plan, and access to Dawn by phone. But she says while she put in the work, Dawn did not.

“I never got anything back other than just ‘Oh girl, you’re doing so great,’” Brunson explained. “But I’m like, ‘How am I doing great because I’m not losing weight and inches aren’t going anywhere?’”

And she is not alone. There are nearly 4,000 members of a facebook group Brittany Dawn Fitness Complaints. 

“What does happen a lot with this sort of thing is this issue with scale and not knowing how to deal with your own popularity,” said Jacob Shamsian, a reporter for insider. “A lot of people just don’t buy it because she spent months in some cases years ignoring customers.

Some women unhappy with her program have posted screenshots of emails from Brittany Dawn, some of which show refunds. The amounts varying from $50 to full refunds if they sign an NDA. But many say they never heard from her at all.

“I jumped into an industry that had no instruction manual so I’m doing the best I can and the best of my ability,” Dawn said. “I’m using this as a tool to learn and to grow as a professional and to move forward.” 

Brittany Dawn posted an apology on her YouTube channel, but some of her customers saying that apology just isn’t enough.

“Just overall, it’s leaving a very sour taste in my mouth,” Brunson said.