You’ve probably heard the saying, “trust your gut.” Well, science may now back up this theory.

Researchers in Belgium published a study showing people with depression have lower levels of two gut bacteria.

What the researchers have been unable to determine is whether having lower levels of these bacteria may cause depression or whether being depressed lowers the level of bacteria in the gut. But the two appear to be linked.

This is the first large-scale study in humans to show that low amounts of those bacteria strains in the gut may relate to mood.

Some bacteria in the gut release anti-inflammatory compounds which signal changes in your brain. It could be that losing these bacteria somehow lead to inflammatory changes, and that affects your mood.

In either case, your gut feelings may be right after all.  So eat healthy and be well.

Everyone’s microbiome is unique. Interestingly, it’s determined by a combination of things including our moms during birth, the food we put in our body, our environment and our lifestyle. 

Another recent study also found some bacteria from our diet may also cause us to gain weight.