New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – It is said that becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs we will ever have. Our guest today aims to highlight the triumphs and the struggles of parenthood through his new TV show and podcast. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by “Big Steve,” a single father of two boys, who came in to talk about his upcoming show, which is titled “Single Fathers,” and what it’s all about.

Big Steve says, “‘Single Fathers’ is basically a platform and something where we can show different angles and different points of men, fathers raising their children. Different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different financial statuses.”

The concept for the show came to “Big Steve” about 10 years ago when he was in the nightclub business, trying to transition out of it. He wanted to create something for TV that would be close to his heart, and being a parent is definitely something close to his heart.

He explains that it’s important to shed a light on single fathers because, “I want people to learn that single fathers are not really the norm. As far as, you know, (it’s usually) mothers raising kids. I wanted to shed light on it because that’s something that’s really not really spoken about, and it goes unnoticed.”

Big Steve will begin shooting the TV show in June, and he will be casting for the series locally. Currently, there are three casting calls scheduled for Danbury, Conn., Hartford, Conn, and in New York. He has already produced a commercial  announcing their first cast member, who is from Manchester, Conn., and the spot can be seen on YouTube and on Big Steve’s Social Media platforms as well.

When asked what kind of person he’s seeking for the show, Big Steve says, “I’m looking for different walks of life, as far as fathers go. Like I said, different races, different ethnicities, different financial backgrounds.” “But to be honest with you, it’s got to be a father who has a different story that really wows people. It’s not your typical 9 to 5 father. It’s a person, maybe a father that gets up early, doesn’t have a babysitter, brings the child to work, while working, right? Maybe overcame a struggle in their life, or a hardship, something that is not the normal fatherhood.”

“Big Steve’s” podcast is called “Parental Vision,” and he created it as a platform for mothers and fathers to talk about parenting, because he felt they needed a place to share their ideas, struggles, and triumphs. He mentions that he’s gotten a lot of backlash from some mothers out there. So he is sensitive to being sure that everyone gets to “say their piece.”

Other projects that “Big Steve” is working on include a cookbook coming out soon, as well as a “Better Father” book in the works. He is also working on a dating app for single fathers. He says, “So if any women out there want to date a single father, we’ve got something coming for you.”

If CT Style viewers are interested in learning more about the podcast or auditioning to become a cast member on the new show, they can follow “Big Steve” on his social media platforms:  

On Facebook: / On Instagram: @parentalvisionpodcast /  On YouTube @parentalvision