New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – The holidays are upon us and that means tempting treats are available at every turn. If you’re looking to avoid weight gain this holiday season, Fitness & Metabolic Weight Loss Expert Lisa Lynn may be able to help. She recently spoke with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko about what steps you can take so that you don’t pack on those extra pounds.

In this interview, Lisa shares the story of how she helped restore the health and weight of a couple who had planned their wedding before COVID-19 hit, but, when it finally came close to  wedding time,  they couldn’t fit into their clothes, due to weight gain.  They were committed to losing the weight before they would walk down the aisle.

Watch and find out how Lisa helped the couple lose 15lbs. in three weeks, and improve their cholesterol, using her weight management products, supplements and changing their protein and fiber intake.

Lisa says, “Smart use of safe nutritional supplements can be a game changer and make it easy to lose weight, burn fat and provide natural energy, so you feel like staying active.”

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