New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – If you find yourself feeling stuck when it comes to weight loss, our guest today can certainly help. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Fitness and Weight Loss Expert Lisa Lynn about this problem and Lisa shared her “Top Tips.”

Lisa says this is a common problem that she hears about quite frequently, and she believes that one tiny little change, every day, can really help. She talks about how this worked really well for one of her former clients, Martha Stewart.

In this interview, you’ll see before and after photos of some of Lisa’s other clients, who had great success with this technique. And the tip is to replace your breakfast with something healthier, instead. But that’s just the starting point.  

Adding more protein is very important, but Lisa says that all protein products are not the same. Many are loaded up with sugar and milk, and they’re not nutrient-dense. However, LynFit Nutrition’s Metabolic-boosting high protein shakes help reduce your calories healthfully and also provide your body with the nutrient that it needs.  You certainly don’t want to starve yourself, because that will only slow down your metabolism, and you won’t lose weight.

Watch this interview, and you’ll learn more, as Lisa talks about her special program called, “A Pound a Day” and how our viewers can get involved and get started, if they’d like to.

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