New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Summer is on its way, and we’re all thinking about losing some weight and getting in shape for beach season.  CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke with Lisa Lynn, a Fitness and Metabolic Weight Loss Expert, about her great tips for weight loss, and specifically about cleansing.

Lisa explains that she gets questions about how to do a proper cleanse quite often, especially after the spring holidays. People tell her that they feel terrible, having eaten too much candy, and they can’t kill their cravings. They’re starving all the time and their skin is full of rashes.

Lisa says, “What most people don’t know is that when you cleanse the right way, you actually improve health and boost your metabolism and weight loss. But if you cleanse the wrong way, you do the exact opposite of what you’re setting out to do.” “Two examples I have is this is one: Literally, someone sent in a very innocent looking cucumber and celery juice. Looks real innocent and good, right? Well, there’s 140 calories. There’s 2.5 servings and 27 grams of sugar per serving.” That could result in a blood sugar spike.

She continues, “What happens when we spike blood sugar? Nothing good. And this happens with almost all of the juice cleanses and adding fruit to smoothies. We spike blood sugar levels, which is the enemy of everything. Skin, hair, nails, weight loss. There’s never a good reason to spike blood sugar level.”

Watch this interview and you’ll learn what steps Lisa takes with her clients to guide them through an effective cleanse, using her proven LynFit Products. You’ll also hear about Lisa’s client, Maria, and her success story, plus you’ll see her before & after photos. Lisa answers the following questions:

  • Can a cleanse be done using collagen?
  • Why do you want to detoxify your system?
  • What do you do to clean up your diet for a cleanse?
  • How do you cleanse without depleting nutrients?
  • How does the thyroid react when you’re doing a cleanse?

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