New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Are you experiencing unexplained fatigue, weight gain or hair loss? Our CT Style guest today says chronic stress might be the culprit. Lisa Lynn is a Fitness and Metabolic Weight Loss Expert and she joined CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko to talk about her solutions for this common problem.

Lisa explains that this is the most frequent question and concern that she gets, all day long. Her clients say, “I’m exhausted, no matter how much I sleep, and I have hair loss!” She finds that, especially since COVID, stress has really changed our bodies.

In this interview, Lisa talks about how she guides her clients to work through these unfortunate symptoms. Lisa says, “The one thing that everybody can and should be doing is taking a multivitamin that has all of the nutrients and proper blends that our bodies need to function every day.” “Even research is proving that eating a healthy diet just isn’t enough anymore.”

Lisa recommends using her Lynfit Daily Power Shot Powder 2.0, which has 42 superfoods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and active probiotics. She specifically developed this during COVID because she preferred not to take a pile of pills every day, when she could take one shot of
Daily Power Shot Powder 2.0.

She explains that it’s in pellet form, because there are probiotics in it. She says, “You mix it with water and it becomes activated, which is the most effective way to take them. You get a 98% absorption rate compared to maybe six or seven, and instantaneous action.” “So, first thing I do in the morning, is hydrate. I add mine to it and I just start drinking it immediately,…and it’s all about the energy.”

Lisa says that if you take a multivitamin, and don’t feel a response from your body, then it
simply is not getting digested and it’s doing nothing for you. With LynFit’s DailyPower Shot Powder 2.0, you should feel a response almost immediately, within 30 minutes or less.  

Over time, she says, your hair, skin and nails will grow like weeds, and you’ll have a stronger immune system, so you’ll get sick less.

Lisa cautions us that, no matter how much supplementing or healthy eating you do, if you’re not getting enough sleep, you won’t feel that energy.

For CT Style viewers who want to give Lisa’s products a try, Lynfit Nutrition has a special offer:

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