June is wedding season, and after two years of delaying large celebration events, brides & grooms everywhere are playing catch-up. Experts are actually calling it a “Wedding Boom.” According to Andrea Dilieto Zola, founder of New Haven-based Bridal-Beauty Business ‘MBD Beauty,’ there has been a 30% increase in the number of weddings since 1984. they’re planning bigger and more elaborate weddings than ever before.

CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko spoke with Andrea about how things have changed and impacted her business over the last two years, and how the wedding industry is evolving.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  1. Tips for Brides-to-Be
  2. How to prepare for planning a wedding
  3. Bridal Trends
  4. Choosing your vendors

MDB Beauty will be offering a Special Bridal event on Sunday, June 26 at Olive and Wooster Street, located in Wooster Square in New Haven.

MBD Beauty is Connecticut’s premier, award-winning, beauty studio and concierge, offering beauty services for bridal, media, and portraits. They combine artistic talent and exceptional customer service to make you look stunning. Their goal is to make your experience relaxed and fun, and deliver the look that you want. They specialize in high-definition silicone-based airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, hairstyling, and eyelash enhancements. They pride themselves on offering a level of service more akin to a personal concierge than a beauty studio, including style consultation, and onsite touchups. They also  offer Certified Classes in beauty techniques.

For more information on MBD Beauty, visit: www.mbdbeauty.com