Middlesex Health has been a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network since 2015. The Network includes more than 40 independent health care organizations across the United States as well as in China, Mexico, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. 

Most people want to get their health care as close to home as possible, and the Mayo Clinic Care Network helps achieve that by providing guidance and answers to many questions that might otherwise require a referral to a specialist. 

In many cases, this spares patients at Middlesex Health the expense and inconvenience of additional appointments and unnecessary travel. If specialty care is needed, patients can be seen by local providers or referred to Mayo Clinic.

Middlesex Heath is based in Middletown, Connecticut. The Mayo Clinic’s main campus is in Rochester, Minnesota, but it also has sites in Florida and Arizona. 

Despite geography, Middlesex and Mayo Clinic staff members communicate regularly to advance medical care and help patients. They do so via video conferencing, telephone calls, email exchanges and in-person meetings. 

To learn more, visit MiddlesexHealth.org, or watch the interview above featuring Vincent Capece, Jr., president and CEO of Middlesex Health, and Mark Larson, M.D., medical director of Mayo Clinic Provider Relations.