New Haven, Conn. – (WTNH) For children struggling with developmental disorders, it’s said that early intervention is key. Middlesex Health has created the Mayer Center, which helps with diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.

Brian Tabor, Director of Physical Rehabilitation at Middlesex Health, and Annie Calamari, Manager of Middlesex Health’s Outpatient Child and Adolescent Services, recently joined CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko in the studio to discuss the wide range of services available to Connecticut families.

Located in Essex, CT, the Mayer Center is an interdisciplinary team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, as well as behavioral health staff, such as a certified behaviorist and behavior techs. They’re all coming together to offer kids who have developmental challenges of all sorts,  the best of the best shot at being successful, not only school, but throughout the rest of their lives.

In this interview, Annie speaks about the benefits of early intervention. She says, “By identifying children on the spectrum or any issues developmentally early, we can address them both at home, at school, and as Brian said, in the community. Some kids who may have struggled to talk, might talk early or sooner or have issues with potty training, we might be able to address that and make sure that they can get to the school sooner rather than have any delays.”

Brian describes some of the services available to help support children experiencing developmental challenges. He says, “We have everything from testing all the way through tp the treatment. We’re offering screenings for autism as well as additional other developmental disorders and concerns. And then, depending on what these screenings come out with, and working with the child’s pediatrician and family, then we’ll come up with the best treatment plan. And that may include all, or parts of what we offer.”

He adds, “Again, there’s the behavioral health side, which is going to offer more behavioral training, looking at how to impact the behaviors that these children might display, as well as the PT, OT, and speech side, where they may address mobility, sensory concerns, feeding and you name it. It will really be tailored to what that individual child needs and make sure that they get all the pieces of care.”

Previously, if Middlesex Health had children come into their services that needed specialized care, they would have to refer them out. So, families would have to travel to multiple separate locations across the state. Now, they’re able to come to one location, with convenient parking and top-notch programming and equipment as well.

How would you know if your child could benefit from the programs at the Mayer Center?
Brian says, “It could really be almost any child. If a parent is noticing that they’re struggling with a piece of their life. It could be someone who has a formal diagnosis that they worked on with their pediatrician, or it could be someone who, at this point, they don’t have a diagnosis, but they’re just noticing that their child is not doing what they want them to be doing.”

“So really, it’s working with the pediatricians, working with the school systems, or anyone who may identify that the child has any sort of delay, and then getting them hooked up with our services.”

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