You might or might not be excited for back to school time! But it’s right around the corner.

The Unfiltered Mom, Kathy Chlan has some tips to get everyone back into a routine.

Here are some tips to stop the insanity of the summer ending:

1. Set an alarm clock or timer 

  • Ring at 10 minute intervals 
  • Keep kids on task

2. Get a file box

  • Put a slot for each subject
  • Color code each subject
  • Check files every day

3. Keep supply stash in a closet

  • Necessary supplies
  • Buy in bulk

4. Post a daily routine on the wall or fridge

  • Make a fun colorful checklist
  • Use stickers for each activity

5. Make command center for you

  • Put an organizational file on the wall with each kid’s name on the slots
  • Put all the important papers in them
  • Check files every day