Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to remember to be grateful for what we have.

Food and Lifestyle Blogger and Children’s Author Jenn Press Arata has easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids to practice their gratitude.

A Thanksgiving gratitude pie craft is made up of brown paper plate (crust), orange felt pie slices (pumpkin pie), all numbered so the kids can match the corresponding slice to the number on the crust.

Then, you’ll have the family write what they’re grateful for under each slice of pie, and share at the table. 

Brown paper plate 
Smaller paper plate
1 piece Orange foam 
Small white foam number stickers (2 of each number, 1-8)
3/8 inch Velcro dots
Brown fine point marker 


  1. Trace small plate upside down on orange foam. 
  2. Cut our circle. Cut into 8 equal triangles. Number them 1-8. Place corresponding numbers on plate in order. 
  3. Attach with velcro dots on foam and plate. Write what you’re grateful for on the back of each triangle.
  4. Use as matching number game, and serve up a slice of gratitude with your family!