NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — CT Style Reporter Natasha Lubczenko, welcomes “Money Wisdom” sponsored by Johnson Brunetti.

We’re teaching you smart ways to manage your money and here with expert advice is Eric Hogarth, Certified Financial Planner and Johnson Brunetti partner.

Eric, we often hear that the debt in this country is so out of control. How does someone prepare for retirement while they still are trying to pay off debt?

According to a CNBC report the average debt for people between 56 – 74 years was $97,290.

4 Ways to Manage Debt:

  1. Prioritize what debt to pay off first
  2. Develop a financial plan that includes paying off debt and saving for retirement
    while still in the workforce
  3. Build and maintain an excellent credit score
  4. Retire debt free, with the possible exception of a mortgage

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