NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — CT Style Reporter Natasha Lubczenko, welcomes “Money Wisdom” sponsored by Johnson Brunetti.

We’re teaching you smart ways to manage your money and here with expert advice is Eric Hogarth, Certified Financial Planner and Johnson Brunetti partner.

Healthcare has always been a concern when planning for retirement but recently that worry has risen to a much higher level. According to a recent survey, over ½ of retirees and 2/3 of workers worry about how to pay for healthcare and long-term care.

•        Savings needed for Medicare increased between 3 and 8 percent

•        Life expectancy has increased

•        Medicare does not cover long term care

•        Estimate retirement healthcare expenses

•        Develop a plan to cover healthcare costs

Offer Don’t Let Healthcare Derail Your Expenses