GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Mosquito Joe Connecticut Shoreline East can help you ‘Make outside fun again,” by removing unwanted insects, and ultimately keeping you your family safe.

Renee Purdue, CEO and owner of Mosquito Joe Connecticut Shoreline East, said a mild winter has led to increased numbers of ticks and mosquitos in the state. The work provided by the company is considered a public health service.

“We’ll apply product on the ground level for ticks then we go up into the foliage 12-15 feet. That’s important because the specifies of mosquitos in Connecticut, they fly about 12 feet high,” Purdue said. “They last through the rain and stormy uv rays will not impact lt deteriorate our products any faster.”

Jay Long, director of client success said a big part of the process is also inspecting a yard.

“You’d be surprised of what holds enough water. A bottle cap, a mosquito can lay 300 eggs in,” Long said. ““If we can’t empty them, we have a granular or dunk to throughout in we can ensure it’s not a breeding source.”

Mosquito Joe Connecticut Shoreline East is also giving back to the community through it’s Hometown Hero Program.

“It’s a nice savings program and a way for us to acknowledge those that serve our country and our community,” Purdue said.

To find out more about the services available through Mosquito Joe Connecticut Shoreline East, click here.