NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently met with some of the
folks who handle the planning and organizing of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, happening this year from May 4 through June 26 in New Haven.

This annual event brings together top artists, thought leaders and innovators from around the world.
There are a myriad of events, performances, lectures, and workshops that take place and many of them
are free.

In this interview, you’ll learn about the highlights of this year’s Festival from Malakhi Eason, The Festival’s Director of Programming & Community Impact, and Denise Santisteban, The Festival’s Curator of Tours, Ideas, Food & Storytelling.

This year’s theme is “Connect,” and as the post-pandemic world continues to open up, Denise Santisteban says that, “It’s reconnecting after two and a half years of disconnection, of pulling away as a matter of fact, we have an Ideas event which is reconnecting with yourself, reconnecting and learning and remembering how to be happy with us. It features Laurie Sanders and Tamara Gengler, who are professors of Yale University.”

Other events include dance, music and theatrical performances, community events, food experiences and storytelling opportunities. The challenge is deciding what to see.

Malakhi Eason notes that he’s looking forward to the Festival’s Iconic Connections Fashion Expo, happening on Saturday, June 18, at the Iseman Theatre, complete with red carpet and a catwalk. Featured designers include New Haven’s legendary Neville Wisdom, Project Runway’s Prajjé Oscar, NYC-based sisters Ng2 Studios, Connecticut’s LàMoo Designs, and NYC-based gender-affirming designer Isalina Sánchez. In-person and virtual tickets will be available.

To learn more about the International Festival of Arts and Idea, including ticket information, visit their website at