NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH)–The Maritime Aquarium recently opened a new marine exhibit, named Pinniped Cove, which gives visitors an up close and personal experience with five adorable harbor seals!

“We originally had an indoor/outdoor exhibit; it was about 19,000 gallons of water,” explains Dave Sigworth, Associate Director of Communications at the aquarium. “This is 160,000 gallons of water. There’s a lot more underwater viewing that you were unable to do in the past with our old exhibit and the seals are loving it. I think even more than our guests are.”

Guests can also get above-the-water views up on the second floor of the exhibit. There you can find “seal training demonstrations” where husbandry staff feed and showcase the animal care the seals get at the Aquarium.

Watch as CT Style’s Natasha Lubczenko joins in on the training fun!