New Haven, CT (WTNH) – “Makin’ Bacon” is a top priority for the self-proclaimed “Bacon Babe”
Parker Wallace, a Food and Lifestyle Specialist who recently spoke with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko. Parker wanted to share a delicious recipe guaranteed to be a hit at your Halloween get-togethers, coming up soon!

Parker hopes you share her love of bacon! She says, “I could do bacon all day, every day, but I’m really amping up the “delish” factor inspired by Halloween…But instead of spooky, we have smoky – and the only goblins you’ll find in my spread is the “Gobblin’ Up” of my Smithfield Bacon! It’s convenient, it’s versatile, and it inspires so many yummy, creative recipes!”

Watch this segment and you’ll learn how to make the following fun treat:

Bacon Totchos – It’s the ultimate bacon dish with layers of crispy, cheesy, crunch and smoky! Perfect for your Halloween gatherings.

Instead of chips, you use perfectly cooked Tater Tots as your base…Then sprinkle with some taco seasoning and then start cooking up the bacon:  Just put some Smithfield Center Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon on a second oven rack for 20-25 minutes, until both your tots and your bacon are perfectly cooked. Then, just cut the bacon into pieces to spread over the tots. Add your favorite shredded cheese, like cheddar, and some chopped jalapenos for a bit of heat, and then pop it back into the oven until your cheese is  really melty!

Smithfield Center-Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon is slow-smoked and hand-trimmed from the best cuts of quality pork, 25% leaner, and is a great addition to your breakfast spread! This is the perfect Brunch dish that is guaranteed to WOW your guests.

Whether you’re cooking for 2 or 10 this fall, you can take your spread to the next level with these protein options, like Marinated Applewood Bacon Loin Filet and Maple Thick Cut Bacon. Smithfield brings together everyone’s favorites for a delicious, hassle-free meal.

You can find Smithfield’s wide variety of bacon and pork products at your local grocer, or head on over to for more recipe inspiration.

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