New Haven, CT – (WTNH) When there’s hot summer weather and you’re entertaining guests, what’s the perfect thing to serve that doesn’t require using the oven?

Food and Lifestyle Expert Parker Wallace met with CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko to
demonstrate an easy-to-make meal you’ll want to include on those summer menus.

Watch this interview to learn how to make a fabulous Tuna Romesco Board featuring
Genova Premium Tuna.

Parker starts to assemble her cutting board by covering the center with a generous bed of romesco, which is a dip like hummus, only made with red peppers, tomatoes and almonds, offering a nutty, smoky, delicious flavor. She tops it off with a beautiful array of Genova tuna fillets and then surrounds the spread with grilled, sliced vegetables like zucchini, red peppers, radishes and marinated artichoke hearts. She adds nuts, olives and cheese, as a finishing touch.

Parker says, “The flavor profile of Genova’s hand-selected tuna fillets is Mediterranean inspired. They have this uniquely rich, savory flavor, and it’s inspired by the ingredients of the region.” “This gorgeous tuna is made with the best cuts of fish, drizzled with just the right amount of olive oil.”

Natasha reminds our viewers that, “It not only tastes good, but it packs some protein, too. It keeps your guests full and coming back for more.”

Parker agrees, “It’s high in protein and also a great source of those really important omega threes. You can feel really good knowing that you’re feeding your family and your friends such quality tuna, both yellowtail and the albacore I love. This is a pantry staple for me.”

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