(WTNH)-We’re always seeing products on television and online that promise to help us blast fat and get summer bodies we deserve, but do they really work? Health and wellness expert Bianca Jade put some of them to the test.

1. SweetCheeks are a rubber pad you carry around with you and sit your tush down on. They are textured and you’re supposed to shimmy your butt around on them because the little knobs and textured parts actually help to break down fat in your body.

2. SweetFlexx (of no relation to Sweet Cheeks) are workout leggings (like a yoga pant) that have built in resistance bands in them to make every lower body movement harder because your legs have to move against the extra resistance. They are super cute and stylish and you wouldn’t know these are resistance bands unless I told you. They look like ruching.

3. Fascia Blaster is a stick with all kinds of scary prongs that you basically rub into parts of your body after lubing yourself up that have unwanted to fat. Like the SweetCheeks it’s supposed to break down fat but instead of just sitting on it, you have to self-torture. The question is can you do it? Users tend to target the thighs, stomach and arms but you can use it anywhere on your body. You’re supposed to pin an area of fat between the prongs and then vigorously rub.

Many users experience slight to severe bruising.