New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – With the holiday season in full swing  and more people hitting the road, it’s an important time to discuss the dangers and impact of distracted driving. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke about this issue with Joan Woodward, president of the Travelers Institute, and Ryan McMahon, senior vice president of Cambridge Mobile Telematics.

Joan says, “With 48 million Americans hitting the road this holiday season, at Travelers, we really felt it was important to develop a strategy guide, and tips for people to talk about distracted driving with their loved ones. So, it’s called Every Second Matters. We want to get you to grandma’s house safely. And so, distraction is really considered any activity that takes your eyes or your mind off the task at hand, which is to just drive.” The booklet is available on the Travelers website.

In this interview, Ryan McMahon speaks about how telematics programs are helping to promote safer driving, and at the same time, putting money back in drivers’ pockets.  He says, “The insurance industry for a long time has provided incentives for individuals to demonstrate safety, but telematics is really unique, because it provides insight on drivers on a trip-by-trip level. And really, there are no good or bad drivers. There are just safer, or unsafe trips. And the more safe trips that we take, the less likelihood we have of getting into a crash.”

If drivers enrolled in a telematics program follow safe driving practices, like not using the phone while driving, avoiding excessive speeding, hard breaking and harsh acceleration, they can potentially realize significant savings on their insurance costs.

Safe drivers are getting approximately $200 plus back every six or 12 months, by receiving discounts through direct demonstration of their own safety.

Watch this interview to learn more, and be sure to downloadEvery Second Matters,” which outlines ten steps to help combat distracted driving. Visit:

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